Server setup and Server maintenance
Rahi Tel International has been providing staffing and IT/Technical services including marketing of such services for Telecom and software companies. Our extended arm of support services manned by our efficient/experienced personnel has helped our clients to reduce costs, optimize business, provide extended support to their customers and bring about improved business prospects. We support clients globally by providing 24/7 dedicated and experienced professional support meeting staffing needs in terms of NOC/Technical support as well as in the field of marketing and consultancy.  Our clients have complete   visibility and understanding of the team dedicated for their outsourced services. We can also provide Network level support on various support Infrastructures. We offer tech/network support on all kinds of soft switches. We are  already a well known and reputed company of its kind in Malaysia and connected with over 300 companies including some IT giants across the globe. Our services are listed below:

        1. Efficient international marketing at low cost.
        2. Our suite of services can be easily scaled and customized to assist your IT business.   
        3. Quick response from our online experts/executives.
        4. Process Oriented 24 x 7 support infrastructure.
        5. Tier 1 to Tier 3 support backed by Team
        6. Leaders/Managers.
        7. Billing and Invoice generation support.
        8. Dispute resolution by dedicated team of experts.
        9. Performance Reporting.
        10. Technical Support and IT consultancy.
        11. Rate management
        12. Remote Support
        13. Server setup and Server maintenance

Our services also include:

1.  Mobile application Development
2.  Software Development
3.  Professional support in or in the capacity of:
    -        IT Support field, Back Office role
    -        Printing/publication field ( e.g. brochure, design, graphics, flyer, composition etc)
    -        Fashion house ( e.g. design)
    -        Support for Manufacturing industries ( e.g. HR roles)
    -        Support for Real estate company ( e.g. interior and architectural designs)
    -        Support for Furniture company ( e.g. design and idea)
    -        Internet marketing.

We are confident that some of the tasks mentioned above if outsourced to us could be very cost effective for you.